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Housing Proactive Case Study – Bromford

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Bromford is one of the largest housing associations in the country with more than 110,000 residents in 47,000 homes spread across central and south west England. Its team of over 1,700 people are focused on providing warm, safe and secure homes and nurturing relationships with customers to improve their lives and build thriving communities.

Alertacall has enjoyed a close working relationship with Bromford since 2016, helping them to maintain two-way engagement with residents and keep them safe, connected and informed. Bromford turned to Alertacall to help them deliver their desire to increase two-way engagement with residents even further in 2024.

The Challenge

As an organisation that puts customer relationships and service at the centre of what it does, Bromford are always looking for ways to enhance contact with residents and widen its offer.

The team are committed to communicating with customers as effectively and efficiently as possible, while also meeting the requirements of the Social Housing Regulator for greater two-way engagement.

They wanted a solution that was easy to use and convenient to install, which would let them stay in touch with tenants to ensure everything was OK in their homes, understand when the customer might be away and to increase customer engagement.

As some schemes do not have staff on site every day, it was important to be able to have contact throughout the week, and at the weekends, to identify any customers who have issues with their homes or welfare needs.

How did Alertacall help?

Alertacall is providing Housing Proactive delivered via an intuitive, portable touchscreen, to 2,500 of Bromford’s customers at around 100 housing schemes in the West Midlands and South West.

The touchscreen allows customers to send messages to Bromford quickly and easily, while also receiving important updates and news in return. They are able to report the need for repairs or any other property issues. The touchscreen can also be used to collect Tenant Satisfaction Measures, an essential component for maintaining high-quality housing, and part of the Social Housing Regulator’s requirements.

Housing Proactive also includes Alertacall’s optional OKEachDay service, which enables regular contact with customers in a way which is convenient for them. Residents also have multiple options for how they communicate with their Bromford – whether it is via text, call or using a digital application.

The touchscreens have been developed to be easy to use for older and vulnerable people especially those who may not be used to using smartphones or other digital devices.

They work using multi-network SIM cards and are easily connected to mains power in the most convenient location in people’s homes, without the need for extra wiring. Each resident is given their own portable touchscreen, which they can use from the comfort of their armchair, meaning it is much more likely they will use it than a device attached to the wall. The touchscreens can also be adapted over time to integrate with new technological developments introduced by Bromford, and provide an ongoing service to customers.

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