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Primary school children learn how alarms can save lives with Alertacall

Image for Primary school children learn how alarms can save lives with Alertacall
Pupils from Whitehill Primary School in Stockport joined us at our Warrington office, where they were able to find out more about the several types of alarms we provide, and how they can help save people’s lives.

Children were able to try out our wearable alarms and discover what happens after someone in distress presses their alarm, including the role of alarm receiving centres and the emergency services. Pupils also had the opportunity to find out more about smoke alarms and explore our Alertacall touchscreens, and OKEachDay technology.

Our CEO, James Batchelor and Director, Martin Cutbill joined the children over the two separate visits. They each shared real examples of how our OKEachDay button and contact centre team have saved lives, by escalating concerns to either a customer’s friend, family member, carer or housing provider, when they have been unable to confirm if everything is ok at the customer’s home. 

Mr Mansbridge, Class 4 Teacher at Whitehill Primary School said:

“I would like to say a big thank you to Alertacall for supporting our class project on how alarms can help save lives. The children came away with so much new knowledge and understanding, and really engaged with their learning while outside of the classroom. All the staff were incredibly helpful, welcoming and were great with the children.”

Our CEO, James, added:

“The students were a pleasure to welcome to our Alertacall office and their appetite for learning was impressive. They were all an absolute credit to Whitehill Primary school and their teacher.”

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