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Top 3 digital innovations for sheltered housing management coming in 2021 from Alertacall

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For almost everyone the last year has been dominated by the all consuming implications of COVID-19. And for us that was no exception; our two contact centres have not been used since March, and our teams have been undertaking our daily contact services from their homes.

With individuals with higher needs shielding, many staff self-isolating, and a whole raft of working practices changing, the need to safely communicate changes to residents has been a major challenge. Our clients have found the messaging capability of Housing Proactive invaluable in keeping residents informed during this time.

We were also able to add many new properties to the service – even during lockdown. Given our devices are ‘plug and play’ there is no installation work that requires access to properties. Our touchscreens can be delivered to residents, who just plug into a mains socket to set up the service.

As one IT Director recently noted, ‘if COVID-19 has taught us anything it is that we must get on with our digital agenda’. To help accelerate take up of digital services in social housing during 2020 we produced a series of booklets.

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Digital Switchover 2025 – services affected in sheltered accommodation

Looking ahead into 2021 we have many new innovations due for release. These will improve health and safety in the properties of higher needs residents, accelerate levels of digital engagement, and dramatically reduce investment costs associated with Digital Switchover.

Here are some – but, not all – of the key developments:

  • Repairs reporting tool – customers with our touchscreen device will have the ability to report issues through an easy to use app which will link straight into housing provider property management systems.
  • Client Portal – this will directly give our clients the ability to manage customer messaging, be it text or visual. It will include the ability to specify which of your residents receive communications – from messages to an individual, a whole scheme, or indeed everyone on the service.
  • Digital Switchover demonstrator suite – our Housing Proactive service will be transformed this year to provide a comprehensive and very low cost solution to address all Digital Switchover requirements in sheltered and supported housing. This will include integration with door entry systems, smoke detectors, dispersed alarms and other IOT devices, avoiding the need for expensive hard wiring (in the event of ongoing restrictions we will create a virtual demonstrator suite!)

To find out more about these innovations, or to hear what is still to come, get in touch with Martin Cutbill, Director, on, or call 0808 208 1234.