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Alertacall will ‘bring contact to life’ with exciting rebrand

Image for Alertacall will ‘bring contact to life’ with exciting rebrand

Alertacall, a technology company specialising in the provision of services to older people and other higher needs groups, has undergone an extensive rebrand to emphasise the benefits in proactive daily contact in the housing, health and social care sectors.

The company’s core products and services, including Housing Proactive, WellBeing Proactive, and Clever Contact have been realigned under the one Alertacall brand. The rebrand reflects the benefits that are being delivered by combining contact technology with specially trained teams.

Established in 2004, Alertacall is now used by over 15,000 people in the UK.  The Housing Proactive service has also been developed as a housing management tool, and is in operation with around 40 housing providers across the UK to monitor their properties, effectively communicating with residents and delivering operational efficiencies.

More recently, WellBeing Proactive has been launched to support integrated care in the health and social care sectors.  This service helps improve the hospital admission and discharge process, help with medication compliance, and assist those involved in social care to to focus their time more effectively

Alertacall takes a unique approach to ensuring daily contact with individuals using the service, with the customer in control over how this contact is delivered.  Daily contact provided in this way, not only promotes independence but also helps to improve well-being and reduce isolation, as the team will take the time to talk to individual customers. Critically, daily contact from Alertacall can be lifesaving.

The new website showcases Alertacall’s services to individuals and the housing, social care and healthcare sectors, but will also publish news, articles and interest pieces on the latest technological developments and issues affecting the industry.

Martin Cutbill, Alertacall’s Chief Business Development Officer said:

“At Alertacall we feel that maintaining daily contact is essential in the creation of successful independent living strategies for the older people and higher needs groups. At a time when there is evidence of increasing social isolation and loneliness it is essential that technological developments do not become a substitute for human contact.  We have a passionate and well trained team, who together with our unique technology,  ensure that as our strapline says we Bring Contact to Life.”