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case study: Coastline Housing

Image for case study: Coastline Housing

The Housing Proactive service from Alertacall provides daily housing related contact to residents in over 600 properties for Coastline Housing.

Here’s what Kevin Brown, Head of Housing at Coastline Housing, had to say about the service:

The installation of the service was very easy. Housing Proactive themselves provided staff on-site, and they had a very hands-on approach. We installed the service over a period of 2 weeks across 600 properties and It was seamless. It was extremely easy.

We often gauge satisfaction from our customers – it’s something that we pride ourselves on. Housing Proactive is such a proactive service and such an easy service to administer. The people [at Alertacall] themselves are very friendly and our customers love it.

When we had an old fashioned service, when we had occasions to contact the provider, they wouldn’t know who we were, We would have to go through the rigmarole of explaining who the customer was we were talking about. It’s such a refreshing change that Housing Proactive know instantly who we are talking about. All the details must be on the screen in front of them and they give us just a very comprehensive service really. It’s very easy to talk to them. It appears to me that they sign up to the same values as Coastline – customer first, [and are] very open, honest and accountable.

Summing up Housing Proactive in just 3 words: Innovative (they are always thinking outside the box and finding solutions to the age old problems which we present), flexible and, definitely, customer focused.