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case study: Liverpool Mutual Homes

Image for case study: Liverpool Mutual Homes

here’s what they had to say about the service:

Peter Owens, Supported Housing Manager for Liverpool Mutual Homes 

The main reason we installed Housing Proactive was the reduction and eventual ending of Supporting People funding for our sheltered housing service. It finished altogether in April 2014. We wanted to carry on providing the service but with a reduced staff. So we had to look at how we were going to provide that service.

One of the areas we were keen to explore was how to reduce the amount of time that scheme managers needed to take to do certain functions, and when we discussed Housing Proactive we thought that it was an ideal way of saving our scheme managers time.

The system can be used to get a message out to everyone in a scheme or everyone on all our schemes if we wanted. So in instances where the warden call system might have gone down or to remind a whole block about a meeting in the scheme or whether to invite tenants to certain events which are going on, it’s a really good way of making sure every tenant gets that information.

The installation went really well. Housing Proactive came down, we arranged meetings in every scheme, they went to the scheme, they met with tenants, were able to discuss any concerns, run through how the system worked, and then if any tenant wanted more information or wanted to go over something, they were there for most of that day. So they were on hand to provide all the information that tenants needed before the installation went ahead.

All tenants were written to to advise them when the installations would take place. Normally, that was either a 2 or a 3 day period at a particular scheme. Housing Proactive were then on-site for the whole of those days. It couldn’t have gone better.

The tenants have been really complimentary about the Housing Proactive service. It gives them far greater freedom that our old system where tenants had to wait in for somebody to phone them at a particular time. Our tenants have seen the benefits of the service.

If I was to sum up Housing Proactive in 3 words, it would be passionate, approachable and caring.