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charity efforts recognised with invite to Royal Garden Party

Image for charity efforts recognised with invite to Royal Garden Party

In recognition of the support given by Alertacall to the charity, The Michelle Jurd Memorial Trust (MJMT), James Batchelor, CEO; Neil Jurd, Director; and Jo Webb, Special Projects Manager, attended the The Not Forgotten Association Annual Garden Party at Buckingham Palace on Thursday 7th June 2018.

The MJMT has raised over £100,000 to fund adventurous training and arts-based extra-curricular activities for young people in Cumbria. It also provides grants to service charities. Alertacall and its CEO have been primary supporters of the charity since its inception and a key contributor to the MJMT annual black-tie winter ball.

James Batchelor said “It was a great privilege to be invited to Buckingham Palace for the event and a fantastic afternoon with lots of interesting people many of whom have dedicated some part of their lives to public service or charity. Alertacall has only made a small contribution compared to some of the amazing people we’ve met today, so we’re especially grateful for this opportunity and will continue to find a way to continue to support charities like this, including our partner charity The Silver Line, which directly do so much good for so many people”.

The NFA garden party was attended by The Princess Royal. The NFA is a tri-service charity which provides entertainment, leisure and recreation for the serving wounded, injured or sick and for ex-service men and women with disabilities.