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Digital Switchover – the catalyst to improving services and reducing costs

Image for Digital Switchover – the catalyst to improving services and reducing costs

Beyond Warden Call

Over the last few years, the UK telecoms industry has been in the process of transitioning from analogue to digital landlines. They set themselves the target of switching off analogue by the end of 2025.

Analogue or PTSN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is the traditional telephone network, which will be switched off and upgraded to use newer digital technology known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Analogue technology has become increasingly unreliable and is no longer supported by most suppliers and manufacturers. Digital technology is, therefore, necessary to prevent increased service outages.

BT’s next phase in the digital rollout schedule can be seen below on a region-by-region basis*:

Autumn 2023

  • North West
  • London

Spring 2024

  • West Midlands
  • South East
  • Wales
  • East Anglia

Summer 2024

  • North East
  • Scotland
  • South West

For social housing providers, the Digital Switchover has significant implications for how they operate their services. This is particularly true for providers who have sheltered, supported or other forms of housing where older hard-wired alarms, warden intercoms or dispersed alarm units are in place. These are historically analogue systems and were not designed to work with internet technologies, and this equipment may not work reliably following the Digital Switchover.

Alertacall’s Beyond Warden Call and Housing Proactive solutions address the key challenges of digital engagement:

  • A portable, simple-to-use, 8-inch touchscreen with built-in connectivity
  • Fast and easy-to-install wireless solution
  • Easy maintenance contact e.g. for repairs reporting
  • Flexible messaging capability – two-way, text & image
  • All devices are digital switchover ready
  • Options include sensors, dispersed alarms, video calling and video door entry integration
  • Resilience and compliance

By embracing recent innovations and Digital Switchover, an opportunity exists to strengthen your entire digital strategy across your whole housing stock while minimising infrastructure investment and reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

To find out how Alertacall’s Beyond Warden Call service can help with the Digital Switchover, click here, or you can download our brochure here.

If you have any questions about the Digital Switchover or how Alertacall can work with your team to help with digital transformation and tenant engagement, get in touch: