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Johnnie Johnson Beyond Warden Call™ Case Study

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Johnnie Johnson Housing is named after World War II fighter James Edgar Johnson, who founded it in 1969. Johnson became famous for battling the Luftwaffe during some of the key battles of the Second World War before leading the housing association for 20 years.

Today Johnnie Johnson Housing is a not-for-profit organisation with nearly 5000 homes across the North of England and has over 7000 customers. It pledges to use the most innovative, efficient and cost-effective ways to keep people safe and independent in their homes. It is also focused on maximising the use of new technology to enhance engagement with residents.

They were looking for a new and improved ‘Warden Call’ as part of their digital upgrade plan. Alertacall’s Beyond Warden Call™ solution met their needs, including a state-of-the-art door entry system and digital dispersed alarms. Finningley Lodge, near Sheffield, consists of 38 properties and includes a block of flats and several bungalows which were part of pilot scheme for different systems across the wider estate. Johnnie Johnson wanted a safe, secure and reliable new digital system which is easy to use and install with minimal disruption to people and their homes. The project team was particularly interested in Alertacall’s approach because we offer a resilient, easy-to-install, low-cost wireless solution with the option for additional services. As an organisation that values engagement and communication, they wanted to ensure all of the changes were clearly and consistently communicated to its residents.

You can read the full case study, including quotes from Johnnie Johnson Housing and their customers here.

To find out how you can easily replace your out-dated hard-wired Warden Call systems with a resilient, cost-effective wireless solution, with minimal disruption to you and your customers, contact us.