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Alertacall Roundtable : The Ageing Crisis in General Needs Accommodation with Sir Norman Lamb

Image for Alertacall Roundtable  : The Ageing Crisis in General Needs Accommodation with Sir Norman Lamb
DATE: 09/10/2023
TIME: 12.30 - 16.30
LOCATION: Friends House, London

Alertacall are hosting an exclusive roundtable event with Sir Norman Lamb.

CEOs and other senior leaders from the housing sector are joining us to discuss “The Ageing Crisis In General Needs Accommodation”.

The event will be chaired by Sir Norman Lamb who was formerly Chair of The Science and Technology Select Committee, a Member of Parliament and also served as Minister of State for Care and Support.

We already have several industry leaders attending, including Greg Reed, CEO of Places For People, and a solution-focused sector briefing will be produced, collating the thoughts of attendees as to how the sector should best respond.

Sir Norman Lamb said:

‘During my time in Parliament, I developed a passion for both mental health and social care. I currently chair a large NHS mental health foundation trust and have advisory positions with organisations that I feel are doing something of social value. We are going through an unprecedented ‘tipping point’ in terms of the number of over 65s living in General Needs, and others with higher needs too. The social housing regulator demands more two-way tenant engagement, yet these groups are often socially and digitally isolated. There have also been several high- profile undiscovered tenant deaths, and we all know about the profound mental health impact that loneliness and isolation have on older people. Furthermore, the spotlight on damp and mould, along with the fact that many properties are below the decent homes standard all point to the need to have more regular contact with residents to avert incidents that could damage tenants, properties and the reputation of a sector that you and I know does a profound amount of good.’

The event is open to CEO’s and Senior Leaders. If you would like more information on attending please get in touch